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Custom-Tailored Support & Care

Our goal is to fulfill your data and communication needs with a solution as unique as your business. Unlike our competitors, we recognize that every IT Support model is different. That's why you won't find any 'Gold', 'Silver' or 'Bronze' options here on our website. We don't think the one-size-fits-all, 'off the shelf' approach works. As a result, each of our clients receives a plan tailored to their specific environment and the unique requirements of their organization. Contact us for a consultation. 

Projects and Consultation

Our Solutions Team has over 40 years of cumulative experience delivering a comprehensive range of IT projects on time and within budget to a broad range of clients. We design every IT solution to meet the industry standards of small-, medium-, and large-sized businesses.

Security and Compliance

DPCS will protect your IT infrastructure and critical data against security threats and malicious attacks using the very latest security technology with industry best practice, compliance, and expert management.

We have HIPAA Certified engineers and we are a Microsoft Silver Partner which means we have the training and expertise to protect your data and communications systems. Security is serious business to us and our top priority.

Communication and Telephony

We can manage all your unified communications including connectivity, telephony and mobile devices. Everything from scoping, ordering, provisioning and ongoing support is handled by our dedicated team and provider partners. We have overseen the installation of hundreds of VoIP and connectivity circuits, including fibre, SIP, MPLS and multi-Gigabit links across America and even connecting other countries.

Cloud and Hosting

DPCS' Cloud hosting solutions and consultancy service will provide you with powerful, secure and scalable systems to increase productivity and reduce costs. We work with you to develop a support solution that meets your requirements, fits your budget, and helps you plan for growth. Our conversation with you starts with asking where your business is now and where it’s going.

Business Continuity and Data Recovery

DPCS can work with your business to assess the risks associated with the key systems and services that your business relies on, allowing us to provide a business continuity solution designed to fit your needs.

In today’s world, security breaches, loss of data ,and prolonged periods of time offline are not acceptable to your business, or to your clients, investors, and industry regulators. Business continuity planning is essential for all organizations to ensure there is a proactive plan in place to avoid and mitigate risks.

Infrastructure and Design

Our network team can design and install all types of networks including LAN, WAN, wireless, and structured cable networks. We have expert low-voltage installers to ensure that not only is your infrastructure up to code but that it also functions from the initial drop to the final termination point.

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